Characteristics of GBS strains used in this study

Strain or isolateSerotypeAlpha-protein-like proteina
Reference strains
    NCTC 11078 (A909)Ia/CAlpha
    NCTC 8187 (H36B)Ib/CAlpha
    M 781III/RRib
    Prague 1/82IVEpsilon
    Prague 10/84VNegative
    Prague 118754VIEpsilon
    Prague 7271VIIEpsilon
    NCTC 9828NT/RAlp4
Clinical isolates
Bovine strains
  • a The designation of the alpha-protein-like protein encoded by the gene is based both on PCR results and sequencing of the PCR product.

  • b The differentiation between the proteins encoded by the alp2 and alp3 genes was performed by sequencing entire genes as described in reference 10.