Strains and GenBank rrf-rrl nucleotide sequences used in this study

SpeciesStrain or isolateOriginrrf-rrl accession no.
B. afzelii PGauaHuman, GermanyNAb
PKoHuman, GermanyNA
B. burgdorferi sensu strictoB31 I. scapularis, United States L30127
VS219Human, France AY032919
IP3aHuman, FranceNA
B. garinii PbiaHuman, Austria Z77175
PoTiBG4 I. ricinus, Portugal AY463164
PoTiBG20 I. ricinus, Portugal AY463166
PoTiBG86 I. ricinus, Portugal AY463168
PoTiBG163 I. ricinus, Portugal AY463169
B. lusitaniae PoHL1Human, Portugal AY209179
PoTiBL37c I. ricinus, Portugal AY463167
B. valaisiana PoTiBV6 I. ricinus, Portugal AY463165
B. japonica HO14 I. ovatus, Japan L30125
  • a Strain cultured and used as a positive control.

  • b NA, not applicable.

  • c Sequence identical to that derived from GT058.