Overall results of blood cultures for the detection of mycobacteremia in HIV-infected patients during a 10-month period

Patient group and resultPatients (n)
Patients with tuberculosis
    Negative BacT/ALERT FA/positive BACTECa3
    Positive BacT/ALERT/negative BACTEC5
    Positive BacT/ALERT/positive BACTEC7
    Only positive BacT/ALERT FA or positive BACTECb8
    Positive specimen/negative blood culturec32
Patients without tuberculosis421
  • a BacT/ALERT FA, nutrient-rich complex media, supplemented with 6.5% charcoal; BACTEC, mixture of Middlebrook 7H9 and brain heart infusion broth.

  • b For eight patients only one type of blood culture bottle was received.

  • c Positive specimen was a culture of any type of specimen other than blood that yielded mycobacteria (52 specimens from 32 patients: 4 urine, 6 cerebrospinal fluid, 7 biopsy, and 35 respiratory specimens).