ID and susceptibility testing results for BCs (each species in six aerobic and six anaerobic bottles) artificially spiked with nine reference strains (phase II)

Species% Correct identificationResults of susceptibility testing (%)a
Very major errorsMajor errorsMinor errors
E. coli100000
E. coli (ESBLb positive)10000.82.5
P. aeruginosac100001.7
K. pneumoniae100002.9
K. oxytoca100005.0
S. rubidea67000.8
E. aerogenes100000
A. baumanniic67003.8
P. mirabilis10000.42.1
  • a See text for definitions of error categories.

  • b ESBL, extended-spectrum beta-lactamase.

  • c No results were available for the anaerobic bottles due to insufficient growth.