Antimicrobial susceptibility comparison between H. influenzae strains isolated from CF patients and controls without CF

ParameterResult (no. of strains) for:Pa
Control isolates (188)CF isolates (188)
Fully antibiotic susceptible88500.006
Chloramphenicol resistant23360.12
Ciprofloxacin MIC > 1 μg/mlb040<0.0001
Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid resistant140.37
Cotrimoxazole resistant681230.001
β-Lactamase positive38450.54
Resistant to 2 or more antimicrobials2062<0.0001
  • a Fisher's exact test.

  • b The usual ciprofloxacin MIC for H. influenzae is ≤0.03 μg/ml (23).