Synopsis of results of recently published evaluations of direct ID and susceptibility testing of GNRs from positive BCs

Authors (reference)Yr of publicationTesting purposeaNo. of strains included% Correct identification% Strains with:Method
Very major errorMajor errorMinor error
Putnam et al. (9)1997SUS500.30.96.4BACTEC system with VITEK 1 system
Waites et al. (12, 13)1998ID, SUS13396/72b2.7/8.1b1.4/0.7bNDcBacT/Alert system with MicroScan system
Steinbrückner et al.d2001ID, SUS65820.10.02.3BacT/Alert system with VITEK 2 system
Hansen et al. (4)2002ID, SUS169750.00.70.4BACTEC system with VITEK 1 system
Fontanals et al. (3)2002ID, SUS11898. system with Wider system
Ling et al. (5)2003ID, SUS11882. system with VITEK 2 system
Present study2004ID, SUS30992. system with PHX system
  • a SUS, susceptibility.

  • b Data for overnight panels/data for rapid panels.

  • c ND, no data.

  • d Jahrestagung Dtsch. Ges. Hyg. Mikrobiol., poster P16, 2001.