SSRs used in MLSSR analysis

Marker locusLocus nameSSRGenome ORFaNo. of allelesbD valuec
11793091GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGI: 13881617 phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein (Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC 1551)50.700
22719085GGGGGGGGGGNo hitd (210_MAP.128)30.616
3e607784CG CG CG CG CG CIGI: RMMR05031 6-aminohexanoate-cyclic dimer hydrolase (Mycobacterium marinum)20.189
GI: 13883430 hydrolase, alpha/beta-hydrolase fold family (M. tuberculosis CDC1551)
43406364GC GC GC GC GCGI: 2791627 fixA (M. tuberculosis H37Rv)20.100
53735342GC GC GC GC GCGI: 13092881 putative S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine hydrolase (Mycobacterium leprae)40.363
64286068GCG GCG GCG GCG GCG GCIGI: RMMR06009 heat shock protein 70 (M. marinum)20.395
74310932CCG CCG CCG CCG CCG CCGI: 10579910 phytoene dehydrogenase (Halobacterium spp.)20.100
81028129GGT GGT GGT GGT GGT GGGI: 3261715 mfd (M. tuberculosis H37Rv)40.668
92955362TGC TGC TGC TGC TGC TGGI: 2117199 narG (M. tuberculosis H37Rv)40.553
103558075GCC GCC GCC GCC GCC GGI: 1781217 nuoG (M. tuberculosis H37Rv)30.279
111536798CCG CCG CCG CCG CCGGI: 5524340 PstA (Mycobacterium avium)40.363
  • a GI, NCBI gene identification number; IGI, Integrated Genomics gene identification number.

  • b The average number of alleles was 3.20.

  • c D was calculated by using the equation 1 − ∑(allele frequency)2 (22). The average D value was 0.393.

  • d No hit, no nucleotide match with any sequences in the GenBank database.

  • e Locus 3 is located in an intergenic region of two ORFs (6-aminohexanoate-cyclic dimer and hydrolase [the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold]).