Accuracy of bioluminescent antimicrobial susceptibility assay by species

SpeciesNo. of isolatesNo. of observationsa% CorrectbAccuracyTc
Citrobacter freundii275100100100−0.679
Citrobacter koseri141100100100−0.762
Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus2631006783−0.392
E. coli4822759989597−0.451
Enterobacter cloacae3987810089−1.350
Enterococcus spp.61614887983−0.316
Klebsiella oxytoca2102100100100−0.534
Klebsiella pneumoniae145519876878−0.455
Proteus mirabilis3126835067−0.278
Providentia stuartii105
Staphylococcus aureus3126923363−0.011
Serratia marcescens1331006783−0.928
  • a Number of observations containing antibiotic-susceptible (S) or antibiotic-resistant (R) organisms.

  • b Calculated by dividing the number of specimens predicted correctly by the number tested.

  • c T, threshold log RLU different from control result without antibiotics.