Characterization of M. avium subsp. hominissuis isolates cultured from urine samples (n = 23) from 20 patients

Patient no.Isolate referenceIS1245hsp65 sequevarPFGE profileaInfected with MACbComment
2MI05/02102Code 2A*No
3MI05/02103Code 2ANo
4MI05/03003Code 2ANoHIV
5MI05/03005Code 2ANo
6MI05/03006Code 2ANo
7MI05/03007Code 2ANoHIV
8MI05/03009Code 2ANo
9MI05/03010Code 2ANo
10MI05/03011Code 2ANo
11MI05/03012Code 2A*NoHIV
12MI05/03014Code 2ANo
13MI05/03015Code 2ANo
14MI05/03017Code 2A*No
15MI06/00268Code 2ANo
16MI06/00269Code 2ANo
17MI05/02104Code 2ANo
MI05/03002Code 2ANo
MI05/02101Code 2ANo
MI06/00263Code 2ANo
19MI06/00266d+Code 1BYesHIV
20MI06/00272 + Code 1UnrelatedYesHIV
  • a *, pattern closely related to PFGE pattern A.

  • b Based on clinical criteria.

  • c NA, not available.

  • d Patient with MAC isolates cultured from urine, sputum, and blood samples.