Characterization of M. avium subsp. hominissuis isolates cultured from sputum samples (n = 11) from 11 patients

Patient no.Isolate referenceIS1245hsp65 sequevarPFGE profileInfected with MACbComment
22MI06/00271 + Code 1UnrelatedNoHIV
23MI06/03008 + Code 2ANoHIV
24MI07/01955Code 2NAaNo
25MI07/01958Code 2NANo
26MI07/01959Code 2NANo
27MI07/01960Code 2NANoHIV
28MI05/03018Code 2ANoHIV
29MI06/00273 + Code 2AYes
30MI07/01954+Code 9NAYes
33MI06/00262Code 15UnrelatedYes
19MI06/00267c + Code 1BYes
  • a NA, not available.

  • b Based on clinical criteria.

  • c Patient with MAC isolates cultured from urine, sputum, and blood samples.