Distribution of MLS types among 82 macrolide-resistant pneumococcal isolates from 11 centers in seven European countries

MLS typeeClone designationNo.%Predominant countries
81Spain23F-1a2226.8France, Spain, Germany
143Pen-R Polish 14 cloneb1113.4France
156Spain9V-3a56.0France, Switzerland
658New French 14 cloneb56.0France
236Taiwn19F-14 conea44.9Greece
315Poland6B-20 clonea,d44.9Poland
621New French 19F clonec44.9France, Switzerland
179Spain 19F cloneb33.7Switzerland
619New French 6B cloneb33.7France
620New Spanish 6B cloneb33.7Spain
15SLV of England14-9 clonea,b22.4Switzerland
73Multiresistant Spanish 15F cloneb22.4Portugal, Spain
90Spain6B-2 clonea22.4Spain
670New Swiss 14 cloneb22.4Switzerland
276Netherlands 19 cloneb11.2France
564German Serotype 14 cloneb11.2Germany
699New French 23F clone11.2France
657New French 23F clone11.2France
OthersNew MLST5f6.0Various
  • a Clones defined by the pneumococcal molecular epidemiology network.

  • b For clone definitions, see MLST home page (

  • c Serotype 14 variant of the ST 156 clone, which is generally of serotype 9V.

  • d One isolate (13C056) was a serotype 23F.

  • e Boldface numbers indicate clones primarily described in the present study.

  • f Two isolates (17B044 and 17B047) are atypical pneumococci.