Clinical data for Swedish patients infected with C. difficile PCR ribotype 027

StrainYearAge (yrs)No. of stools per dayTemp (°C)No. of leukocytes (1,000/mm3)Underlying diseaseaAntibiotic treatmentb
T-378199753>10>3917.9NonePenicillin V
Ö99-16701999855-103831.9Lung cancerAmoxicillin
A177:12001925-10>3831.6NonePiperacillin-tazobactam metronidazole/ciprofloxacin
  • a Indicates severe underlying disease. The patient infected with T-378 recovered, while the others died within 3 months after CDAD diagnosis.

  • b Used within the 2 months prior to CDAD onset; piperacillin-tazobactam treatment was followed directly by oral metronidazole/ciprofloxacin. After CDAD diagnosis, all patients were treated with metronidazole.