Characteristics of assays

CharacteristicMulti-Test Dip-S-TicksTyphiDotTUBEXWidal
Approximate cost (U.S. dollars)/specimena102.144.000.50
No. of tests/kit50563055
AntibodyIgM and IgGIgM or IgGIgMIgM and IgG
AntigenO, H, and ViOMPbO9O, H, and Vi
Amt of serum needed (μl)102.535-40 ± (one drop)300 ± (two dilutions)
Reaction time (min)906035c
Temp for storage (°C)2-82-82-82-8
  • a Personal communication (Prue Griffin, PANBIO INDX, Inc.; Kok-hai Ong, Malaysian Bio-Diagnostic Research Sdn. Bhd.; Helena Goike, IDL Biotech). TyphiDot price includes running each sample twice; once for IgM and once for IgG (an additional $2.93 should be added for each TyphiDot-M run on IgM-negative, IgG-positive specimens). All costs assume samples are batched to maximize kit use; use of the kits for single use increases the price per specimen. Costs do not include shipping.

  • b OMP, outer membrane protein.

  • c As determined by the rapid centrifugation technique (the classical technique is 2 h to overnight).