fljB and other flagellin alleles sequenceda,b

AntigenNo. of alleles sequencedSerotypes sequencedc
1,27Derby; Heidelberg; Litchfield; Muenchen; Stanley; Typhimurium (2)
1,2,73Eingedi; Kambole (2)
1,57Bovismorbificans; Infantis; Thompson (3); I Rough:r:1,5; I 43:e,h:1,5
1,5,78Hisingen; IIIb Rough:z10:1,5,7; IIIb 6,7:l,v:1,5,7; IIIb 47:r:1,5,7; IIIb 48:1,v:1,5,(7); IIIb 48:1,w:1,5,7:z50; IIIb 61:k:1,5,(7); IIIb 61:l,v:1,5,7
1,63Agama; Poona (2)
1,75Beaudesert; Bredeney; Give; Nola; Pomona
1, . . .e3Bulovka v. 1, . . .+; II 48:d:1, . . . ; II 60:b:1, . . .
a1II 45:a:z10g
df1Sandiego v. H:d+
e,n,x13Bessi; Bonn; Chester (2); Gatuni; Istanbul; Kokomlemle; Singapore; Tambacounda; Tiergarten; II 9,12:1,w:e,n,x; II 9,46:e,n,x:1,5,7g; II 56:e,n,x:1,7g
e,n,x,z155II 17:e,n,x,z15:1,6g; IIIb16:z10:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 42:k:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 47:i:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 57:i:e,n,x,z15
e,n,z155Braenderup; Brandenburg; Sandiego v.d+; Sanktgeorg; Uno
k3II 13,23:k:z41g; II 52:c:k; IIIb 52:c:k
l,w2Gloucester; Ohio
l,z13;z282Lutetia; Poano
zh5IIIb 48:i:z; IIIb 48:z:1,5,(7)g; IIIb 50:k:z; IIIb 53:z:1,5,(7)g; IIIb 61:i:z
z63Bere; Frankeng; Weltevreden
z356Kolar; Tamilnadu; IIIb 35:z52:z35; IIIb 38:(k):z35; IIIb 38:z52:z35; IIIb 65:z52:z35
z396II 4,12:g,m,t:z39; II 43:d:z39; II 51:l,z28:z39; II 52:z39:1,5,7g; II 6,7:z39:1,5,7g; IIIb 40:z39:1,6g
z88h1VI 6,14:1,v:z88
  • a All alleles are fljB except where noted.

  • b Phase 2 and phase 3 flagellin antigens that were not tested were 1,2,5; 1,6,7; z34; z37; z46; z47; z50; z56; z58; z64; z66; z67; z68; z70; z72; z73; z74; z75; z76; z77; z78; z80; z82; z83; z84; z86; z87; and z89.

  • c All serotypes belong to S. enterica unless otherwise noted. Subspecies I serotypes are denoted by name wherever possible; serotypes for all other subspecies are denoted by formula.

  • d The genomic location of this allele was not determined. A sequencing template was generated by using primers corresponding to sequences within the conserved regions.

  • e Flagellar antigen 1… indicates an antigen that reacts with 1 complex antisera but not with antisera specific for the secondary antigens of the 1 complex. H:1… represents multiple antigenic specificities and is considered R phase in the Kauffmann-White scheme.

  • f This allele was sequenced from the flpA locus.

  • g Alleles in these serotypes were in the locus opposite from that predicted by the Kauffmann-White scheme, except that the location of the H:z67 allele in serotype Franken (formula I 9,12:z6:z67) was not determined.

  • h The fljB H:z and H:z88 alleles were homologous, with 99.4% nucleotide identity and 100% amino acid identity. These antigens have been noted to be immunologically related.