List of 93 isolates identified by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis belonging to bacterial species reported ≤10 times as occurring in patients with the clinical diseases listed

Bacteria (no. of isolates)Species (no. of isolates)Clinical disease(s) (no. of cases)
Gram-positive cocci (n = 6)Abiotrophia defectivaUrinary tract infection
Aerococcus christenseniiBacteremia
Enterococcus hiraeOsteitis
Facklamia languidaBacteremia
Gemella bergeriaeOsteitis
Helcococcus kunziiOsteitis
Gram-positive rods (n = 69)Actinomyces gerencseriae (2)Osteitis, abscess
Actinomyces graevenitzii (5)Pneumonia (5)
Actinomyces neuii (4)Bacteremia (3), osteitis
Actinomyces radingae (8)Abscess (6), osteitis (2)
Arcanobacterium bernardii (4)Abscess (1), cutaneous lesion (1), urinary tract infection (1), wound (1)
Arthrobacter cumminsiiBacteremia
Aureobacterium resistensCutaneous lesion
Corynebacterium afermentansBacteremia
Corynebacterium aquaticum (2)Bacteremia (2)
Corynebacterium aurimucosum (2)Osteitis (2)
Corynebacterium diphtheriaeEndocarditis
Corynebacterium freneyiBacteremia
Corynebacterium propinquumOsteitis
Corynebacterium pseudodiphterithicum (2)Osteitis (2)
Corynebacterium riegeliiBacteremia
Corynebacterium simulansOsteitis
Dermabacter hominis (11)Abscess (3), arthritis (4), bacteremia (3), endocarditis (1)
Desulfovibrio fairfieldensisBacteremia
Gordonia terraePeritonitis
Lactobacillus caseiBacteremia
Microbacterium lacticumBacteremia
Microbacterium oxydansPeritonitis
Mycobacterium alveiPneumonia
Mycobacterium bohemicumPneumonia
Mycobacterium haemophilumOsteitis
Nocardia cyriacigeorgiciAbscess
Nocardia otitidiscavarium (4)Bacteremia (3), cerebral abscess (1)
Nocardia transvalensisCutaneous lesion
Nocardiopsis dassonvilleiAdenitis
Oerskovia xanthineolyticaBacteremia
Rhodobacter timonaeBacteremia
Rothia mucilaginosaBacteremia
Turicella otitidis (3)Otorrhea (3)
Gram-negative bacteria
    Enteric bacteria (n = 3)Citrobacter amalonaticusColitis
Enterobacter asburiaeUrinary tract infection
Salmonella giveDiarrhea
    Other bacteria (n = 9)Acinetobacter schindleriBacteremia
Aeromonas jandaeiBacteremia
Halomonas venustaBacteremia
Moraxella phenylpyruvicaCutaneous lesion
Ochrobactrum intermediumBacteremia
Oligella urethralis (3)Bacteremia (2), osteitis (1)
Shewanella algaPneumonia
    Anaerobic bacteria (n = 6)Clostridium scindensBacteremia
Eubacterium saburreumBacteremia
Peptoniphilus harei (2)Bacteremia (2)
Prevotella buccaeBacteremia
Prevotella heparinolyticaPleural effusion