fliC alleles sequenceda

AntigenNo. of alleles sequencedSerotypes sequencedb
1,21I 4,12:1,2:1,2c
1,52dII 40:z6:1,5; II 11:−:1,5
1,5,74dII 9,46:e,n,x:1,5,7; II 16:e,n,x:1,(5),7; II 17:e,n,x,z15:1,5,7; IIIb 53:z:1,5,(7)
1,64dII 16:z6:1,6; II 17:e,n,x,z15:1,6; II 42:e,n,x:1,6; IIIb 40:z39:1,6
a2Paratyphi A (2)
b6Niederoderwitz; Paratyphi B (2); I 6,7:b:z33; IIIa 47:b:−; IIIb (6), 14:b:e,n,x,z15
c7Choleraesuis (2); Goeteborg; Jericho; IIIb 41:c:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 57:c:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 57:c:z:z60
d6Isangi; Muenchen; Schwarzengrund; Typhi (2); Virginia
e,h3Newport; Saintpaul; Sandiego v. d+
f,g2Derby (2)
f,g,m,t1II 6,8:f,g,m,t:e,n,x
f,g,s2Agona (2)
f,g,t5Berta (3); II 17:f,g,t:e,n,x,z15; II 40:g,m,s,t:z42
g,m5Enteritidis (5)
g,m,p,s2Montevideo (2)
g,m,s2Amsterdam (2)
g,m,s,t2II 43:g,m,s,t:z42; II 50:g,m,s,t:1,5
g,m,t2II 6,8:g,m,t:1,7; II 28:g,m,t:e,n,x
g,p2Dublin (2)
g,q2Moscow (2)
g,s,t2Missouri; Senftenberg
g,t2Agodi; II 16:g,t:1,5
g,z512Travis; IIIa 45:g,z51:−
g,z622II 9,46:g,z62:−; II 50:g,z62:e,n,x
i16Agama; Augustenborg (2); Bandia; Gloucester; Idikan; Kentucky; Lindenburg; Typhimurium (3); II 4,12,27:i:z35; IIIb 21:i:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 48:i:z; IIIb 57:i:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 61:i:z
je2Typhi v. j+ (2)
k7Blockley; Inverness; IIIb 17:k:z; IIIb 42:k:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 50:k:z; IIIb 50:k:z53; IIIb 61:k:1,5,(7)
(k)4IIIb 16:(k):e,n,x,z15; IIIb 38:(k):z35; IIIb 42:(k):z35; IIIb 65:(k):z
l,v5Brandenburg; Give; Kimberley; Potsdam; IIIb 38:1,v:z54
l,w2Ayton; Glidji
l,z132Kenya; Westerstede
l,z13,z282Connecticut; Fallowfield
l,z282Javiana (2)
m,p,t,u2Haelsingborg (2)
m,t2Oranienburg (2)
r5Heidelberg; Rubislaw; IIIb 35:r:z61; IIIb 38:r:e,n,x,z15; IIIb 58:r:z53:z47
r,i2Bovismorbificans; Hidalgo
y2Freetown; Giza
z4Indiana; Poona; II 16:z:z42; II 40:z:z42
z4,z2313Ajiobo; Ekotedo; Gera; I 47:z4,z23:−; I 8,20:z4,z23:−; IIIa 18:z4,z23:−; IIIa 40:z4,z23:−; IIIa 41:z4,z23:−: IIIa 43:z4,z23:−; IIIa 44:z4,z23:−; IIIa 62:z4,z23:−; IV 38:z4,z23:−; IV 40:z4,z23:−
z4,z243Romanby; II 9,12,46,27:z4,z24:1,5; IIIa 53:z4,z24:−
z4,z326Tallahassee; IIIa 18:z4,z32:−; IIIa 41:z4,z32:−; IIIa 63:z4,z32:−; IV 44:z4,z32:−; IV 48:z4,z32:−
z4,z23,z323IIIa 13,23:z4,z23,z32:−; IIIa 44:z4,z23,z32:−; IIIa 56:z4,z23,z32:−
z61dII 48:e,n,x,z15:z6
z103Harrisonburg; Istanbul; IIIb 28:z10:z
z296Cubana; Tennessee; Mundubbera (2):−; IIIa 41:z29:−; IIIa 62:z29:−
z352Tema; Tienba
z363Potosi; Weslaco; IIIa 43:z36:−
z36,z382IV 43:z36,z38:−; IV 53:z36,z38:−
z382Fresno; Lille
z393Grancanaria (2); IIIb 6,7:z39:1,2
z40e2Bredeney v. z40+; Give v. z40+
z412Maska; Ottawa
z48e1I 39:z48:1,5
z522IIIb 50:z52:z35; IIIb 65:z52:z35
z651S. bongori ser. 66:z65:−
z812S. bongori ser. 40:z81:−; S. bongori ser. 66:z81:−
  • a Flagellar antigens that are expected to be encoded by fliC but not tested were H:g,s,q; H: g,z63; and H: g,z85.

  • b All serotypes belong to S. enterica unless otherwise noted. Subspecies I serotypes are denoted by name wherever possible; serotypes for all other subspecies are denoted by formula.

  • c This isolate appeared to be monophasic by traditional serotyping, expressing only flagellar antigen 1,2. DNA sequence analysis of fliC and fljB revealed an H:1,2 allele at both loci.

  • d Alleles were predicted to be at fljB based on the Kauffmann-White scheme.

  • e Flagellar antigens j, z40, and z48 are considered R phases in the Kauffmann-White scheme (18). H:j and H:z40 alleles contained deletions in what were otherwise typical H:d and H:l,v alleles. The H:z48 allele was most related to H:y alleles but distinct (Fig. 1). This isolate is considered to be a variant of serotype Champaign (formula I 38:k:1,5) in the Kauffmann-White scheme.