Proportions of isolates which required 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis and numbers of unusual isolates

BacteriaNo. of isolates testedNo. (%) of isolates identified by 16S rRNA analysisNo. of rare or unique isolatesa
Gram-positive cocci75,537300 (0.40)6
Gram-positive rodsb16,487524 (3.18)86
Gram-negative bacteria
    Enteric bacteria51,177132 (0.26)3
    Other bacteria26,357225 (0.85)14
Anaerobic bacteria5,780223 (3.86)11
Total175,3381,404 (0.80)120
  • a Isolates from human samples that have been reported 0 to 10 times.

  • b Including Mycobacterium spp.