Descriptive data of patients with systemic candidiasis

Median (range) age (yr)51.5 (3 days-81 yr)
No. of patients
    <6 mo old8
    Burn victims8
    With portal of entry of:
    With complication of:
        Vascular graft infection2
    With Candida sp. infection by:
        C. albicans28b
        C. glabrata19
        C. parapsilosis10c
        C. tropicalis5
        C. krusei4
        C. lusitaniae1
  • a Three bone marrow transplant recipients, five solid-organ transplant recipients, one recipient of both a bone marrow transplant and a solid-organ transplant, two patients with hematologic malignancies receiving chemotherapy, and one patient with systemic lupus on high-dose steroid.

  • b Three patients were coinfected with C. glabrata, C. parapsilosis, and C. tropicalis; they are not included under these species.

  • c One patient was coinfected with Candida guilliermondii.