Accession numbers of the 21 major ospC group reference strains (from GenBank), used for alignment purposes, and their geographical origin/source

Major ospC groupGenBank accession no.Geographical origin/source
A AF029860 New York
B AF029861 New York
C AF029862 New York
D AF029863 New York
E AF029864 New York
F AF029865 New York
G AF029867 New York
H AF029868 New York
I AF029869 New York
J AF029870 New York
K AF029871 New York
L L42899 United States
M U01892 Connecticut
N L42897 Connecticut
O X84778 New York
P U91796 France
Q U91790 France
R U91791 Spain
S U91793 Germany
T AF065143 New York
U AF065144 New York