Type and reference strains used in this study and intraspecies similarities of the 16S-23S rRNA gene ITS regions of species in the A. calcoaceticus-A. baumannii complex

SpeciesStrainaOther strain designationITS length (bp)SimilaritybGenBank accession no.Reference(s)
A. calcoaceticusLMG 1046T638AY6018206
LMG 9926381.00AY6018216
BCRC 11562ATCC 149876370.99AY6018226
A. baumanniiBCRC 10591TATCC 19606T607AY6018236
BCRC 15884ATCC 151516071.00AY6018246
BCRC 15886ATCC 190036071.00AY6018256
LMG 9846071.00AY6018266
Genomic species 3LMG 1035619AY6018276
CCUG 263846191.00AY60182843
BCRC 15420ATCC 179226191.00AY6018296
Genomic species 13TUBCRC 15417LUG 993615AY6018306
A. haemolyticusBCRC 14852TATCC 17906T614cAY6018316
A. juniiBCRC 14854TATCC 17908T706AY6018326
Genomic species 6BCRC 15421ATCC 17979636AY6018336
A. johnsoniiBCRC 14853TATCC 17909T703cAY6018346
A. lwoffiiBCRC 14855TATCC 15309T629cAY6018356
Genomic species 10BCRC 15423ATCC 17942613cAY6018376, 47
Genomic species 11BCRC 15424ATCC 11171593cAY6018386
A. radioresistensBCRC 15425TATCC 43998T632AY60183937
Genomic species 14TU (13BJ)LMG 1235ATCC 17905667cAY60184047
Genomic species 15TUCCUG 26390661AY60184143
Genomic species 14BJCCUG 34435620cAY6018428
Genomic species 15BJCCUG 34436667AY6018438
Genomic species 16BCRC 15883ATCC 17988595AY6018448
Genomic species 17CCUG 34437655AY6018458
“A. venetianus”CCUG 45561T612AY60184645
A. ursingiiLMG 19575T715cAY60184734
A. schindleriLMG 19576T638AY60184834
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Va.; BCRC, Bioresources Collection and Research Center, Hsichu, Taiwan; CCUG, Culture Collection, University of Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden; LMG, Laboratorium voor Microbiologie, Ghent, Belgium.

  • b The type strain or the first strain of each genomic species was used as the basis for the calculation of similarity.

  • c Strain containing multiple ITS sequences; only the shortest one is described here.