Results of a logistic regression analysis of predisposing factors, sex, age, emm types (emm1, emm3, emm28, and others), speA, speC, speH, and ssa, associated with septic shock with or without STSS

AnalysisSeptic shock with STSSaSeptic shock without STSS
P valueOR (95% CI)bP valueOR (95% CI)
emm1 vs emm30.5691.27 (0.55-2.92)
emm1 vs emm280.0051.79 (1.71-20.95)
emm1 vs otherc0.0142.38 (1.19-4.74)
CHLDd0.0213.03 (1.18-7.78)
Alcohol abuse0.0033.01 (1.44-6.29)
  • a STSS, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.

  • b OR (95% CI), odds ratio (95% confidence interval).

  • c Other, all emm types but emm1, emm3, and emm28.

  • d CHLD, chronic heart or lung diseases.