Profile of urine studies and culturesh

DateCollection methodNo. of WBCs/HPFf in urineNo. of squamous cells/LPFgCulture result (CFU/ml)
Current urine studies
    7/02/08aStraight catheter229Negative
    6/24/08aStraight catheter230Negative
    6/9/08Straight catheter1550>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.e
    5/29/08Straight catheter1800>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.
    4/14/08Straight catheterNDbND>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.
Prior urine studies
    2/1/08Straight catheter45103,000, Lactobacillus sp.
    1/7/08MSCCc18096>50,000, Klebsiella pneumoniae
    11/29/07Straight catheterNDND>50,000, Enterococcus sp.; >50,000, Candida albicans
    7/31/07MSCC10-25>30>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.
    2/28/06Straight catheterNDND>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.; 100, coagulase-negative Staphylococcus
    3/1/05MSCC2-5<1>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.
    11/16/04MSCCTNTCd10-20>50,000, Escherichia coli
    9/13/02MSCC25-50>30>50,000, Lactobacillus sp.
  • a Posttreatment with clarithromycin.

  • b ND, not done.

  • c MSCC, midstream clean catch.

  • d TNTC, too numerous to count.

  • e 16S rRNA gene sequencing revealed this isolate to be L. delbrueckii.

  • f HPF, high-power field.

  • g LPF, low-power field.

  • h Unclean samples with numerous mixed organisms not reported.