MBL-producing isolates and non-MBL-producing isolates used in this study as positive and negative controls, respectively

Isolate groupSpecies (no. tested)MBL typeCountry of originStrain no(s).Reference or source
MBL producingAcinetobacter spp. (7)IMP-1BrazilA3035, A4861, A3880, A68, A4764, A4468, A12904630
Acinetobacter spp. (2)IMP-1BrazilA695, A696This study
Acinetobacter spp. (1)SIM-1KoreaYMC 03/9/T10418
P. aeruginosa (9)IMP-1Brazil131, 144, 137, 98, 128, 130, 143, 145, 18329
P. aeruginosa (1)IMP-1JapanPSA 32013
P. aeruginosa (1)IMP-13Italy86-1007931
P. aeruginosa (1)IMP-16Brazil101-470424
P. aeruginosa (1)IMP-18Brazil348636
P. aeruginosa (1)IMP-18Brazil3489This study
P. aeruginosa (1)GIM-1German73-56717
P. aeruginosa (1)VIM-1Italy179This study
P. aeruginosa (1)VIM-2Brazil225This study
P. aeruginosa (1)VIM-7United States07-40632
P. aeruginosa (1)SPM-1Brazil48-1997 A33
P. aeruginosa (9)SPM-1Brazil14, 44, 73, 75, 76, 83, 194, 196, 1976
P. putida (1)IMP-1Brazil48-12346A22
K. pneumoniae (2)IMP-1BrazilKPN1, KPN25
Enterobacter cloacae (1)VIM-1Italy75-103443
Enterobacter cloacae (2)VIM-1ItalyECL3, ECL45
Enterobacter cloacae (1)IMP-1Brazil1994
Serratia marcescens (1)IMP-1JapanSM 31913
Non-MBL producingAcinetobacter spp. (1)OXA-23Brazil216This study
Acinetobacter spp. (5)NAaBrazil210, 211, 212, 213, 215This study
P. aeruginosa (6)NABrazil209, 227, 230, 224, 237, 238This study
K. pneumoniae (3)NABrazil189, 222, 223This study
Enterobacter cloacae (1)NABrazil221This study
Morganella morganii (1)NABrazil224This study
Serratia marcescens (1)NABrazil190This study
Serratia marcescens (1)SMEUnited States106512
  • a NA, not applicable.