Multivariate analysis of factors associated with vancomycin treatment success

FactorOR (95% CI)aP
Increased VAN killingb10.73 (1.24-92.95)0.031
Decreased VAN MICc35.46 (1.76-715.95)0.020
  • a OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • b The odds ratio for increased vancomycin killing represents the incremental increased chance of treatment success between the groups identified by regression tree modeling (log10 [CFU/ml] of killing at 72 h: group 1, <4.71; group 2, 4.71 to 6.26; group 3, ≥6.27). VAN, vancomycin.

  • c The odds ratio for decreased vancomycin MIC represents the increased chance of success for treatment of MRSA infection with vancomycin MIC ≤0.5 μg/ml versus MIC 1.0 to 2.0 μg/ml.