Diagnosis of IA and its documentation

Episode no.Patient characteristicsa:Host factorsClinical evidenceCulture and its sourceHistological evidenceMaximum value (method I/method II)
Age (yr)SexIAPrimary diseaseStatus of primary diseaseOutcomePCR (copies/ml)GM (O.D.L)BDG (ng/ml)
141FPAML M1Post-allo, RDDeadNFErosion of sinus walls A. flavus and A. fumigatus from pharyngeal mucosaBiopsy2,000/2003.8/3.619.7/4.7
232MPMDS (RAEB-t)Post-allo, CRDeadGSDyspnea, pleural effusionAutopsy32/01.3/1.060.5/36.5
358MPAML M1RDDeadNFHalo signAutopsy90/42.57.7/6.425/1.5
438FPAML M2Post-allo, CRAliveNSCavity within area of consolidation A. fumigatus from broncheal lavage fluidBiopsy33.5/01.9/1.72.8/0
551MPMacroglobulinemiaStable diseaseDeadNoneExtensive skull base destruction A. fumigatus from epidural abscessBiopsy0/01.2/0.837.4/7.1
619MPMDS RARDDeadNFMultiple nodular lesions in the lung field, pleural effusionAutopsy3,500/1,0002.5/1.5155.5/59.2
742MPMDS/AMLPost-allo, RDDeadNFGDyspnea, pleural effusionAutopsy24/92.4/0.60/0
863FPATL acute typeRDDeadNFDyspnea, pleural effusionAutopsy50/12.51.9/0.72.4/0
969MPALL PreBRDDeadNFNo specific clinical evidenceAutopsy100,000/5,0004.2/1.1171.7/12.6
1053MPPAML M2Post-allo, CRDeadFGDyspnea, pleural effusion A. spergillus spp. from bronchoalveolar lavage fluidNAb5/05.3/0.74.5/2.2
1140MPPCML CP1Post-allo, CRAliveNGSHalo sign A. fumigatus from sputumNA11.5/7.52.3/2.00/0
1268MPPPMDS/AMLRDDeadNFMultiple nodular lesions in the lung field, intraparenchymal brain mass lesion, seizure, hemiparesisNA155/1002.2/1.518.3/16.6
1324MPPPAML M4ECR, HDAraCAliveNFNodular skin lesion without any other explanation, multiple nodular lesions in the lung fieldNA20.5/04.5/0.30/0
1461MPPPAML M4ECR, HDAraCAliveNHalo signNA1,000/90.2/0.13.5/2.9
1530MPPPALL precursor BPost-allo, CRAliveNFGSNonspecific abnormal shadow in lung field, pleural effusionNA60/600.6/0.40/0
1661MPPPAML M2RDDeadNFMultiple nodular lesions in the lung field, halo sign, cavity within area of consolidationNA84.5/01.1/0.72/0
1768MPPPCML BCRDDeadNSDyspnea, pleural effusionNA165/00.3/0.20/0
1825MPPPALL precursor BRDAliveNGCavity within area of consolidationNA400/00.7/0.63.2/0
1932MPPPALL PreBPost-allo, CRDeadFGSDyspnea, pleural effusionNA27/10.7/0.53.7/2.4
2018FPPPAML M2CR, HDAraCAliveNHalo signNA0/00.6/0.10/0
2155MPPPMDS RAStable diseaseAliveFCough, dyspnea, pleural effusionNA19/40.8/0.30/0
2228MPPPCML CP1Post-allo, CRAliveGCough, dyspnea, pleural effusionNA0/00.4/0.30/0
2340MPPPCML CP1Post-allo, CRAliveGSCough, dyspnea, new infiltrate not fulfilling the major radiological criteria without an alternative diagnosisNA6/00.5/0.40/0
2454MPPPALL precursor BPost-allo, CRAliveFDyspnea, new infiltrate not fulfilling the major radiological criteria without an alternative diagnosisNA10.5/00.5/0.30/0
  • a F, female; M, male; P, proven; PP, probable; PPP, possible; AML, acute myeloid leukemia; MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome; RA, refractory anemia; RAEB-t, RA with excess of blasts in transformation; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma; CML, chronic myelogenous leukemia; CP, chronic phase; BC, blastic crisis; allo, allogencic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; CR, complete remission; RD, refractory disease; HDAraC, high-dose cytrabine; N, neutropenia; F, persistent fever; G, GVHD, S, prolonged use of corticosteroid.

  • b NA, not available.