Amino acids encoded by codons with nonsynonymous mutations in plasminogen activator gene pauA of S. uberis

AlleleNo. of isolatesSourceaCodonb
115USA (10), NL (5)GlyValProAspAlaArgArgArgProAsp
23USAGlyValPro Asn AlaArgArgArgProAsp
413USA (8), NL (5)GlyValProAspAla Gln Gln Leu Gln His
51USA Ala ValPro Asn AlaArgArg Leu ProAsp
62USAGlyValPro Asn AlaArgArgArgcProAsp
71USAGlyValProAsp Thr ArgArgArgProAsp
81USAGly Ile ProAspAlaArgArgArgProAsp
96USA (2), NL (4)GlyValProAspAlaArgArg Ser ProAsp
104NLGlyValProAspAlaArgArg Leu ProAsp
111NLGlyVal His AspAlaArgArg Leu Gln Asp
  • a Isolates originated from bovine milk and were collected from bulk tank milk in the United States (USA; n = 29) and from quarter milk samples in The Netherlands (NL; n = 19). Two additional isolates, one from the United States and one from The Netherlands, did not produce pauA amplicons.

  • b Amino acids differing from the majority are bolded.

  • c Arg is encoded by CGA in allele 6 and by CGC in other alleles with an Arg codon.