Relationship between bacterial load and clinical features in 155 patients with scrub typhusa

VariableValuebAssociation with bacterial loada
Admission characteristics
    No. of males (%)126 (66)NS*
    Age (yr)44 (31-56)0.14NS
    No. of patients with eschars (%)14 (7.3)0.004*
    Duration of symptoms (days)6 (4-8)0.34<0.001
    Hemoglobin concn (mg/dl)12.4 (10.6-13.8)0.10NS
    White blood cell count (103/ml)11.0 (8.5-13.9)0.02NS
    Platelet count (109/ml)156 (95-229)0.09NS
    Serum bicarbonate concn (mmol/liter)23 (21-26)0.06NS
    Serum creatinine concn (mg/dl)1.3 (1.0-2.4)−0.16NS
    Blood urea nitrogen concn (mg/dl)16 (11-36)−0.200.01
    Total serum bilirubin concn (μmol/liter)1.1 (0.6-2.7)−0.14NS
    Direct serum bilirubin concn (μmol/liter)0.6 (0.4-1.7)−0.15NS
    Aspartate aminotransferase concn (U/liter)97 (55-163)0.41<0.001
    Alanine aminotransferase concn (U/liter)70 (43-113)0.40<0.001
    Alkaline phosphatase concn (U/liter)170 (106-262)0.29<0.001
    APACHE II score7 (4-10)−0.04NS
    No. of deaths (%)5 (2.6)NS*
    Fever clearance time (h)41 (16-84)0.06NS
  • a *, P by Kruskal-Wallis test; ρ, Spearman's rho; NS, not significant.

  • b Values with ranges in parentheses are medians (IQRs), and other values are quantities (percentages).