Absolute categorical agreement and error rates when the azole surrogate fluconazole result was used to predict ravuconazole susceptibility of Candida spp.

Organism(s) testedNo. of isolatesRate (%) of:
AgreementVMEMEMinor errors
All Candida12,79692.5 (94.7)a0.1 (0.1)a1.4 (0.5)a6.0 (4.7)a
C. albicans 7,52199.
C. glabrata 1,86973.0 (97.1)b0.3 (1.9)b1.0 (1.0)b25.7 (0.0)b
C. parapsilosis 1,48596.
C. tropicalis 1,18599.
C. krusei 3023.30.039.757.0
C. lusitaniae 12896.
C. dubliniensis 10393.
C. guilliermondii 8490.
C. pelliculosa 341000.00.00.0
C. kefyr 281000.00.00.0
C. rugosa 1979.0 (100)b0.0 (0.0)b0.0 (0.0)b21.0 (0.0)b
C. famata 1675.0 (100)b0.0 (0.0)b0.0 (0.0)b25.0 (0.0)b
  • a The value in parentheses is based on results for all Candida minus C. krusei (12,494 isolates).

  • b The value in parentheses was obtained by using the following categories for fluconazole: susceptible, MIC ≤ 32 μg/ml (S and S-DD combined); resistant, MIC ≥ 64 μg/ml.