Identification of 110 staphylococcal blood culture isolates by molecular and conventional methods

Consensus resulta or result confirmed by gene sequencing (n)PCR melt curve identification (n)Conventional identification (coagulase and API Staph) (n)
S. aureus (56)S. aureus (56)S. aureus (56)
S. epidermidis (34)S. epidermidis (33), S. hominus (1)S. epidermidis (30), S. lugdunensis (1), no identification (3)
S. capitis (2)S. capitis/S. epidermidis (2)S. capitis (1), no identification (1)
S. hominis (11)S. hominis/S. schleiferi/S. simulans (11)S. lugdunensis (1), S. epidermidis (1), no identification (9)
S. haemolyticus (3)S. haemolyticus (3)No identification (3)
S. warneri (2)S. warneri (2)S. hominus (1), no identification (1)
S. simulans (2)S. simulans/S. schleiferi/S. hominis (2)S. simulans (1), no identification (1)
  • a Consensus of results obtained from PCR/melt curve and API Staph analyses.