MLVA types, prnA and ptxA genotypes, and serotypes of B. pertussis strains used to derive vaccines deployed in the United Kingdom

StrainVaccineMLVA type (profile)prnA genotypeptxA genotypeFim typea
CN2992WCVb105 (8,6,7,6,6,11)prnA(1)ptxA(2)Fim2,3
CN3099WCVb6 (6,7,0,7,6,9)prnA(1)ptxA(1)Fim2
CN5476WCVb122 (8,8,0,7,7,9)prnA(1)ptxA(1)Fim3
10536ACV(5)c167 (8,5,0,7,12,7)prnA(7)ptxA(3)Fim2,3
Tohama-IACV(3)d83 (9,7,0,9,7,11)prnA(1)ptxA(2)Fim2e
  • a Expressed fimbrial type (data derived from serotype).

  • b WCV comprising three strains.

  • c Five-component acellular vaccine (Sanofi Pasteur MSD).

  • d Three-component acellular vaccine (GlaxoSmithKline).

  • e Fimbriae are not included in the three-component ACV.