Resistance properties associated with caspofungin and clinical isolates of Candida albicans from single patientsa

IsolateFks1 changeMIC (μg/ml)bGlucan synthesis IC50 (ng/ml)cMouse ED90 (mg/kg/day)d
C. albicans 16998None0.50.56<0.06
C. albicans 18195None0.250.910.01
C. albicans 16996S645F>81621.09
C. albicans 16997S645P>81,9979.98
  • a Data were compiled from references 46 and 47.

  • b MICs were determined according to CLSI M27-A3 (11).

  • c IC50 (50% inhibitory concentration) for inhibition of glucan synthase enzyme complex in vitro.

  • d ED90 (90% effective dose) required for reduction of kidney organism burden in a murine candidiasis model.