Strongest species-specific correlations between MICs of four azoles, by species

SpeciesNo. of isolates testedAgents for which MICs were correlatedaPearson correlation coefficientP value
A. fumigatus 553RAV and VOR0.72<0.001
ITR and POS0.41<0.001
A. flavus 76RAV and VOR0.43<0.001
ITR and POS0.310.006
A. niger 59ITR and RAV0.58<0.001
RAV and VOR0.47<0.001
A. terreus 35RAV and VOR0.550.001
A. versicolor 24RAV and VOR0.90<0.001
RAV and POS0.77<0.001
  • a Abbreviations: RAV, ravuconazole; VOR, voriconazole; ITR, itraconazole; POS, posaconazole.