Comparative in vitro activity of three echinocandin antifungal agents against bloodstream isolates of Candida speciesa

SpeciesNo. of isolates testedResults for:b
MIC90% ≤ 2MIC90% ≤ 2MIC90% ≤ 2
C. albicans 2,8690.061000.061000.03100
C. glabrata 7470.1299.90.0699.90.015100
C. tropicalis 6250.061000.0699.80.06100
C. krusei 1360.061000.251000.12100
C. parapsilosis 759292.5199.92100
C. guilliermondii 61290.2195.11100
All Candida spp.5,346298.80.2599.91100
  • a MICs were determined in RPMI broth with 24-h incubation and prominent-inhibition endpoint. Data were compiled from reference 55.

  • b % ≤ 2, percentage of isolates for which the MIC was 2 μg/ml or less. Abbreviations: ANID, anidulafungin; CASP, caspofungin; MICA, micafungin.