Performance of Directigen Flu A + B membrane immunoassay rapid test compared to that of viral culture when analyzed by age group (younger than 2 years old and older or equal to 2 years) for detection of influenza A and B viruses

Age and virus type detected by rapid testSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)% of specimens with indicated PVa
A and B
    <2 yrs50.099.993.198.7
    ≥2 yrs35.3*b99.483.3*94.8*
A only
    <2 yrs45.799.988.999.1
    ≥2 yrs34.4*99.778.6*98.1
B only
    <2 yrs57.9100.0100.099.6
    ≥2 yrs35.8*99.786.4*96.8*
  • a PV, predictive value; Pos, positive; Neg, negative.

  • b *, P value of <0.001.