Interlaboratory agreement for caspofungin susceptibility data with 20 isolates of Aspergillus spp.a

Test conditionsEndpointVisual readingsSpectrophotometer results
Agreement range (%)Excellent agreement (%)Agreement range (%)Excellent agreement (%)
RPMI, 24 hMIC0 or IC9073.5-
MIC2 or IC5046.8-
MEC (modified)b91.1-100.0100.0
RPMI, 48 hMIC0 or IC9038.2-
MIC2 or IC5050.0-96.410.020.0-72.00.0
RP-G, 24 hMIC0 or IC9082.3-
MIC2 or IC5037.5-96.915.024.1-82.80.0
MEC (modified)85.2-100.075.0
RP-G, 48 hMIC0 or IC9052.9-
MIC2 or IC5057.6-
AM3, 24 hMIC0 or IC9057.6-
MIC2 or IC5032.3-
MEC (modified)81.2-100.085.0
AM3, 48 hMIC0 or IC9026.4-
MIC2 or IC5069.2-
  • a High levels of agreement reflect predominantly off-scale readings. Agreement range, percentage of results within excellent agreement range across all 30 isolates; excellent agreement, percentage of isolates with ≥90% interlaboratory agreement.

  • b MEC (modified), data from laboratories E, H, and J were excluded from analysis.