Performance of Directigen Flu A + B membrane immunoassay rapid test during high-prevalence months (December, January, and February) compared to low-prevalence months (October, November, March, April, and May) for detection of influenza A and B viruses

Prevalence period and testCulture % positiveaSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)% of specimens with indicated PVb
High-prevalence months
    Both A and B8.440.699.986.799.0
    A only4.140.999.981.899.3
    B only4.340.0100.0100.099.7
Low-prevalence months
    Both A and B1.744.499.691.295.1
    A only1.243.599.888.997.6
    B only0.545.399.893.597.6
  • a For influenza virus, A or B type.

  • b PV, predictive value; Pos, positive; Neg, negative.