Clinical samples from Balamuthia cases: IIF and culture results and materials for PCR

Case no.Sex/age (yr)LocationaTiterb for:Availabilityd of:Resultse for:
BalamuthiaAcanthamoebaUnfixed tissueCSFCulture attemptsH&E slidesSlides for IIFcSpecimens for PCR
1Male/64San Diego Co., CA12816/32Yes (brain)NABrain, (−)(+)Brain, (+); kidney, (−); lung, (−)Brain, (+); kidney, (−); lung, (−)
2fMale/2.5Bexar Co., TX25632NAYesCSF, (−)(+)Brain, (+)CSF (+)
3fMale/7Orange Co., CA2562NAYesCSF, (−)(+)Brain, (+)CSF (+)
4Male/7Santa Clara Co., CA25632Yes (brain)NABrain, (−)(+)Brain, (+); kidney, (−); lung, (−)Brain, (+); kidney, (−); lung, (+)
5Female/3Sonoma Co., CA128/25632Yes (brain)YesBrain, (+); CSF, (−)(+)Brain, (+)Brain, (+); CSF, (+)
  • a County and state from which specimen originated.

  • b Antibody levels expressed as reciprocal titers. Threshold for positive titers, 1:128.

  • c Unstained slides with tissue sections as noted.

  • d NA, not available; yes, available.

  • e (−), unsuccessful isolation and/or detection of amebas or ameba DNA; (+), successful isolation and/or detection of amebas.

  • f Not included in the CEP.