Occurrence, concentrations, distribution of the mucosal bacteria, and the percentage of bacteria accessible by FISH

CharacteristicCD patientsUC patientsSlc patientsIBS patientsControlsIBD patients on antibiotics
No. of patients with concn of mucosal bacteria greater than 109/ml1918191370a (3)
No. of patients with concn of adherent bacteria greater than 1010/ml18146200
    Mean concn of mucosal bacteria (1010/ml) ± SEMb,c9.1 ± 20.20.26 ± 0.310.31 ± 0.160.09 ± 0.180.02 ± 0.060.02
    Ascending colon6.80.210.390.040.02
    Sigmoid colon8.
Mean concn of mucosa adherent bacteria (1010/ml)c11.20.310.350.070.020.02
Mean concn of mucus spread bacteria (1010/ml)c2.40.080.340.110.030
Mean concn of mucus ceiling bacteria (1010/ml)c13.90.410.230.100.02>0a
Mean % of intact epithelial surface covered with mucosal bacteriac855252217Unclear
Mean % of epithelial surface showing bacterial adherencec523514<5<5Unclear
% of patients with mucosal bacteria poorly or not accessible to probe Eub3382580000100
  • a Bacteria were enumerated based exclusively on DAPI staining (six patients). In only three patients about 5% of DAPI-stained bacteria hybridized with FISH probes. A comparison with the other groups was therefore not possible.

  • b P < 0.001 by analysis of variance. The P value gives the difference between groups with inflammation (CD, UC, and slc patients) and groups without colonic inflammation (IBS patients and controls).

  • c Mean value for all colonic biopsy specimens of the same patient.