Carriage of methicillin-resistant staphylococci by healthy Japanese children

District or groupNo. (%) of children
Total testedWith S. aureusWith MRSAWith MRC-NS
Miyagi, first study362133 (36.7)19 (5.2)144 (39.7)
Miyagi,a second study5612 (21.4)2 (3.6)20 (35.7)
Children sampled a second time in Miyagi23656 (23.7)9 (3.8)50 (21.1)
Kyoto15028 (18.7)6 (4.0)29 (19.3)
Saga25058 (23.2)8 (3.2)38 (15.2)
Totalb818231 (28.2)35 (4.3)231 (28.2)
  • a In the second test, a total of 292 children were tested. Among them, 56 children were sampled only in the second test, whereas 236 children were sampled twice, in both the first and the second tests. The numbers of children carrying S. aureus, MRSA, or MRC-NS among the 236 resampled children are also shown.

  • b To eliminate overlapping of the data, we excluded the children from the second sampling when calculating the total number of tested children. Therefore, the total numbers of children are the cumulative sums of the numbers of children participating in the first and second tests in Miyagi and the tests in Kyoto and Saga.