Clinical and test characteristics of strains identified as M. bovis by PZA resistance screeninga in San Francisco from 1991 to 1999

Case no.Age (yrs) of patientType of infectionPatient's countryb of birthOther drug resistanceIdentification per biochemical testingPresencec of:Identification per spoligotypingNo. of IS6110 copiesPGRS result
137PulmonaryRPINH M. tuberculosis PAA M. bovis 1p002
233PulmonaryMX M. bovis PAA M. bovis 1p002
377MiliaryUS M. bovis NDNDNDNDNDND
432MiliaryMX M. bovis PAA M. bovis 1p032
571GenitourinaryUS M. bovis AAABCG1Unique
690GenitourinaryUS M. bovis AAABCG1Unique
712LymphaticUS M. bovis PAA M. bovis 1p032
824PulmonaryMX M. bovis PAA M. bovis 2p025
931PulmonaryMX M. bovis NDNDNDNDNDND
1032PulmonaryMX M. bovis PAA M. bovis 1ND
1140PulmonaryHKINH M. tuberculosis ANDABCG1ND
  • a Data shown are for PZA-resistant isolates.

  • b RP, Philippines; MX, Mexico; US, United States; HK, Hong Kong.

  • c P, present; A, absent; ND, not determined.