Identification of HS and NHS strains on the basis of ITS sequence dataa

Taxonomic groups and speciesNo. of strainsBest taxon matchITS size (bp)IdentityMaximum scoreMaximum score difference from next best taxon matchIdentification level
No. of base pairs%
Hemolytic group11284-49697-100563-97118-422Species
    S. pyogenes3 S. pyogenes 364-391391100775365-381Species
    S. agalactiae2 S. agalactiae 295-372295-372100585-73548-49Species
    S. dysgalactiae4 S. dysgalactiae 301285-36997-100565-64858-79Species
    S. equi1 S. equi 49849699971767Species
    S. uberis1 S. uberis 43133199630422Species
Anginosus group3222-31996-100389-63238-394Species
    S. anginosus1 S. anginosus 2922229638938Species
    S. constellatus subsp. constellatus1 S. constellatus 396319100632394Species
    S. intermedius1 S. intermedius 347270100535143Species
Salivarius group3272-35099-100533-6948-36Species
    S. salivarius1 S. salivarius 273272995338Group
    S. vestibularis1 S. vestibularis 3503501006948Group
    S. thermophilus1 S. thermophilus 36536510065938Species
Mutans group2229-38899-100454-755232-543Species
    S. mutans1 S. mutans 38938899755543Species
    S. sobrinus1 S. sobrinus 407229100454232Species
Bovis group5273-274100493-4956-47Species
    S. gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus1 S. gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus2742741004956Species
    S. infantarius subsp. infantarius1 S. infantarius subsp. infantarius27327310049347Species
    S. lutetiensis1 S. lutetiensis 27327310049314Species
    S. equinus2 S. equinus 36428410056318Species
Mitis group39194-24899-100351-4920-17Group
    S. mitis7 S. mitis 248-249248-24999-100444-4481-11Group
    S. mitis4 S. pneumoniae 248-249239-248100432-4485-6
    S. oralis11 S. oralis 246194-24699-100351-4727-17Group
    S. pneumoniae17 S. pneumoniae 248247-24899-100443-4920-5Group
Sanguinis group4246-33698-100476-628127-397Species
    S. gordonii2 S. gordonii 323-324246-24799-100476-488127-133Species
    S. sanguinis1 S. sanguinis 341294100583397Species
    S. parasanguinis1 S. parasanguinis 34133698628253Species
S. suis 1 S. suis 419419100831617Species
  • a Data are compiled for strains belonging to the same species.