Identifications of the 39 strains of S. mitis, S. pneumoniae, and S. oralis on the basis of the partial gdh sequencesa

Taxonomic speciesNo. of strainsBest taxon matchNext best taxon matchIdentityMaximum scoreMaximum score difference from next best taxon match
No. of base pairs%
S. mitis 10 S. mitis S. pneumoniae 410-41998.5-100708-72218-27
S. mitis 1 S. mitis S. pseudopneumoniae 410977020
S. oralis b 11 S. oralis S. mitis 430-43199-10077836-195
S. pneumoniae 17 S. pneumoniae S. mitis 423-43499-100764-78067-91
  • a Data are compiled for strains belonging to the same species. The partial gdh gene sequences are all 431 bp in length.

  • b The gdh sequences of strains SSI 220/202, SK155, and SK610 and type strain CCUG24891 were achieved in our laboratory. The gdh sequences of strains SK100, SK152, SK555, SK394, SK570, SK573, and SK580 were downloaded from M. Kilian's website ( ).