Comparison of results between in-house PCR, laboratory-optimized Roche ASR assay, and Staphaurex Plus and API Staph tests

Final species identification (no. of isolates)Species (no. of isolates) identified by:
In-house PCRaRoche PCRaStaphaurex Plus and API Staph testsb
S. aureus (62)S. aureus (62)S. aureus (62)S. aureus (62)
S. epidermidis (79)S. epidermidis (79)S. epidermidis (79)S. epidermidis (78), S. hominis (1)
S. hominis (20)S. hominis (19),c,d S. epidermidis (1)S. hominis (1),c,e S. epidermidis (2), no identification (2), no amplification (15)S. hominis (13),d,e S. epidermidis (3), S. lugdunensis (2), S. saprophiticus (1), S. aureus (1)
S. warneri (8)S. warneri (8)S. warneri (8)S. warneri (5), S. saprophiticus (2), S. haemolyticus (1)
S. capitis (7)S. capitis (7)S. capitis (5), S. epidermidis (1), no amplification (1)S. capitis (6), S. epidermidis (1)
S. haemolyticus (5)S. haemolyticus (3), S. warneri (1), no identification (1)S. haemolyticus (5)S. haemolyticus (3), S. hominis (1), S. warneri (1)
S. simulans (3)S. simulans (3)No amplification (3)S. simulans (1), S. sapriphyticus (1), no identification (1)
S. pettenkoferi (2)S. warneri (2)No identification (1), no amplification (1)S. capitis (1), no identification (1)
S. lugdunensis (1)S. lugdenensis (1)S. lugdunensis (1)S. lugdunensis (1)
Not Staphylococcus sp. (2)No amplification (2)No amplification (2)No identification (2)
  • a Results directly from blood culture broth.

  • b Results from colonies recovered from positive blood culture broth.

  • c Difference between in-house and Roche ASR PCRs significant at P < 0.0001.

  • d Difference between in-house PCR and API Staph test identification significant at P < 0.05.

  • e Difference between API Staph test identification and Roche ASR PCR significant at P < 0.0001.