Susceptibilities of 63 strains of Aspergillus spp. to voriconazole and agreement between Sensititre YeastOne and reference microdilution method testing determined after 48 h of incubation by the NCCLS and Sensititre YeastOne methodsb

Species (no. of isolates tested)NCCLSSensititre% Agreement
MIC range (mg/liter)MIC50/MIC90 (mg/liter)MIC range (mg/liter)MIC50/MIC90 (mg/liter)
A. fumigatus (24)0.03-0.120.03/0.120.06-0.50.125/0.587.5
A. flavus (16)0.03-0.120.03/0.030.036-0.250.25/0.2562.5
A. terreus (9)0.06-0.25NA/NA0.125-0.5NA/NANA
A. niger (8)0.03-0.12NA/NA0.06-0.25NA/NANA
Other Aspergillus spp.a (6)0.03-0.5NA/NA0.125-1NA/NANA
Overall (63)0.03-0.50.06/0.250.06-10.12/0.582.5
  • a Aspergillus spp. include A. glaucus (4 isolates) and A. nidulans (2 isolates).

  • b NA, not applicable (too few isolates were tested).