Locations, dates, samples, and sequences obtained from norovirus outbreaks

Outbreak locationStart dateaEnd dateaDuration (days)No. symptomaticbNo. of positive samples (RNA Polc RT-PCR)RNA Pol sequence variantNo. of 3′-terminal sequences (3,255 nt)No. of genome sequences (7,558 nt)
Hospe A, ward 7E9/25/0210/2/027201/111
Hosp A, ward 7B10/7/0210/14/028142/411
Hosp A, ward 7A10/7/0210/10/024141/21
Hosp A, ward 7A10/25/0210/30/026225/71
Hosp A, ward 7D10/26/0211/4/0210153/522
Hosp A, ward 7C10/26/0211/4/02102511/151102
Hosp A, ward 7F11/20/0211/25/026175/634
Hosp A, ward 7C11/22/0212/27/026132/512
Hosp A, ward 7E11/22/0212/4/0213223/1013
Hosp A, ward 7D11/22/0211/29/028113/611
Hosp A, ward 7A11/28/0212/3/026141/111
Hosp A, ward 6A12/13/0212/16/023186/842
Hosp A, ward 3A1/20/031/27/037251/111
Hosp A, ward 2A1/20/031/29/039265/914
Hosp A, ward 5E2/17/032/21/03597d/1017d1
Hosp B, ward L9/29/0210/5/027258/8166
Hosp B, ward E10/7/0210/10/024141/31
Hosp E12/21/021/10/03203021
Hosp C2/13/032/26/031348311
Hosp D3/24/034/2/03916311
Hosp F4/7/034/15/03812111
Hosp G5/16/035/22/03719451
  • a Month/day/year.

  • b Number symptomatic includes patients, staff and relatives. Start and end dates refer to the dates restrictions on patient and staff movements were imposed by hospital infection control.

  • c Pol, polymerase.

  • d Three isolates from one immunocompromised patient.

  • e Hosp, hospital.