Effects of epidemiologic class and clinical presentation on strain type estimation and logistic regression for MRSA isolates associated with 1,068 cases of invasive MRSA infection

ComparisonOR for USA300/USA100
Adjusted OR95% CIStatistical significance (P)
CA vs HO10.396.63-16.28<0.0001
CA vs HACO6.604.56-9.56<0.0001
HACO vs HO1.571.10-2.260.014206
Soft tissue infection vs BSI only6.874.53-10.43<0.0001
Endocarditis vs BSI only2.541.51-4.290.000455
Osteomyelitis vs BSI only2.271.44-3.580.000433
Pneumonia vs BSI only2.291.58-3.34<0.0001