Clinical information on the 333 patients and microbiological findings for 600 clinical specimens from these patients

SpecimenaNo. of patientsNo. of specimens
    Active pulmonary TB, not treated2460
    Pulmonary TB, under treatment2038
    Old pulmonary TB512
    Smear positive1521
        M. tuberculosis912
        M. abscessus22
        Culture negative57
    Culture positive3752
        M. tuberculosis1730
        M. avium intracellulare complex67
        M. abscessus66
        M. chelonae33
        M. fortuitum23
        M. kansasii11
        Unidentified species22
    Smear positive/culture positive for M. tuberculosis00
    Smear negative/culture positive for M. tuberculosis11b
    Smear positive/culture negative for M. tuberculosis11c
  • a TB, tuberculosis.

  • b This was a pus sample from a patient with tuberculosis-related cervical lymphadenopathy.

  • c This was a lumbar spine biopsy sample from a patient with tuberculosis spondylitis.