Phenotypic and genotypic test results for typical BS S. pneumoniae, OPT-V strains, and viridans group streptococci

IsolateNo. of strains
OPT susceptibleBile solublePhadebact test positiveGP positiveAutolyin gene PCRPneumolysin gene PCR positive
In CO2 atmosphere with zone size of:In O2 atmosphere with zone size of:∼200 bp∼270 bp
6 mm8-13 mm≥14 mm6 mm8-13 mm≥14 mm
S. pneumoniae (n = 87)2184008787878708787
OPT-V (n = 35)20132053003527/3324035
Viridans group streptococci (n = 35)33113023101214
    S. milleri (n = 6)600600000000
    S. mitis (n = 16)14111123081214
    S. oralis (n = 6)600600010000
    S. salivarius (n = 6)600600010000
    S. sanguis (n = 1)100100000000