Characteristics of E. coli strains failing to generate an array product with HS458 and HS459

StrainIRi junctionIRt junctionSize (bp) of PCR product obtained with HS458 and HS845Cassette arraySuld
8157aTn21 > IS26NPb2,000estX-psp-aadA2-cmlA1-aadA1-qacH
3843aTn21 > IS26NP2,000NSc
9445Tn21 > IS26NP2,000NS
  • a Also positive for intI2.

  • b NP, not present. IRt is inferred to be absent based on the failure to generate a PCR product with tniA-specific primers.

  • c NS, PCR product was not sequenced.

  • d A plus or a minus sign indicates the presence or absence of a PCR product with primers HS549/HS550.

  • e NA, not applicable. No array recovered.