GenoType MTBDRsl test results for the detection of FLQ, AM-CM, and EMB resistance in 106 M. tuberculosis strainsa

Resistance and MTBDRsl pattern (gyrA, rrs, embB)bMTBDRsl resultSequencing data, amino acid change (nucleotide changes)cDST resultcNo. (%) of strains
    gyrA ΔWT3, MUT3CFlQrD94G (GAC-GGC)OFLr13 (12.3)
    gyrA ΔWT3, MUT3AFlQrD94A (GAC-GCC)OFLr4 (3.8)
    gyrA ΔWT2, MUT1FlQrA90V (GCG-GTG)OFLr3 (2.8)
    gyrA ΔWT3, MUT3BFlQrD94N (GAC-AAC)OFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA ΔWT2, MUT2FlQrS91P (TCG-CCG)OFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA (WT2), MUT1FlQrA90V (GCG-GTG) + WTOFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA (WT3), ([MUT3A])FlQrWT + ([D94A]) (GAC-GCC)OFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA (WT3), MUT3B + MUT3CFlQrD94N/G (GAC-AAC/GGC) + WT?OFLr2 (1.9)
    gyrA (WT3), MUT1 + MUT3CFlQrD94G (GAC-GGC), A90V (GCG-GTG) + WTOFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA (WT3), MUT2 + MUT3CFlQrD94G (GAC-GGC), S91P (TCG-CCG) + WTOFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA ΔWT3, MUT3A + (MUT3B)FlQrD94A/Y (GAC-GCC/TAC) + WT?OFLr1 (0.9)
    gyrA WTFlQsWTOFLr3 (2.8)
    gyrA WTFlQsWTOFLs74 (69.8)
    rrs ΔWT1, MUT1AMr CMrA1401GAMr CMr35 (33.0)
    rrs (WT1), MUT1AMr CMrA1401G + WTAMr CMr3 (2.8)
    rrs ΔWT1AMs CMrC1402TAMr CMr1 (0.9)
    rrs WTAMs CMsWTAMr CMr6 (5.7)
    rrs (MUT1)AMr CMrA1401G + WTAMr CMs1 (0.9)
    rrs WTAMs CMsWTAMs CMs60 (56.6)
    embB ΔWT, MUT1BEMBrM306V (ATG-GTG)EMBr26 (24.5)
    embB ΔWT1, MUT1AEMBrM306I (ATG-ATA)EMBr7 (6.6)
    embB MUT1AEMBrM306I (ATG-ATA) + WTEMBr1 (0.9)
    embB ΔWT1EMBrM306I (ATG-ATT)EMBr1 (0.9)
    embB ΔWT1EMBrM306I (ATG-ATC)EMBr1 (0.9)
    embB WTEMBsWTEMBr16 (15.1)
    embB WTEMBsWTEMBs54 (50.9)
  • a r, resistant; s, susceptible.

  • b WT, wild-type pattern with all respective bands; ΔWT, omission of the respective band; (WT) or ([WT]), only a weak or very weak band, respectively.

  • c Drug resistance was determined by conventional DST on LJ or MGIT, and in the case of a discrepancy, the DST was repeated with a second method and by determination of the MIC on LJ.